Discover the Revolutionary Tinta Color by Keune

We are thrilled to introduce the reimagined Tinta Color by Keune Haircosmetics—a breakthrough in hair coloring that aligns beauty with sustainability. This revamped color line not only offers stunning results but also embodies Keune's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Keune's Sustainable Vision
Keune Haircosmetics has set ambitious sustainability goals, aiming to achieve 100% recyclable, reusable, and refillable packaging by 2028. Their latest Tinta Color range is a testament to these values, incorporating several eco-friendly innovations:

Eco-friendly Packaging: The new Tinta Color tubes are crafted from 100% recycled aluminum, reducing the use of virgin aluminum by 82 tons annually.
Sustainable Tube Caps: By using PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic for tube caps, Keune significantly cuts down the need for new plastic each year.
Innovative Developer Packaging: The updated packaging design enables up to 71 tons of plastic to be sorted and recycled, minimizing waste.
Enhanced Formula and New Shades
The Tinta Color 2023 range isn't just about sustainability; it's also about providing exceptional color quality. This collection introduces 10 new shades, including a versatile line called Shade Shifters. These new, base-free mixers give stylists the creative freedom to blend up to 650 custom colors, ensuring a perfect match for every client.

Vegan and Nourishing Formulas
The Tinta Color 2023 line is formulated with vegan ingredients and features a nourishing complex that protects and enhances hair color. Key benefits include:

Intense Fiber Nourishment: Up to 75% more fiber nourishment for healthier hair.
Superior Color Protection: Formulated to shield hair from UV damage, reducing harm by up to 59%.
Long-lasting Vibrancy: Clients enjoy rich, vibrant colors with superior shine and 100% grey coverage.
Why Choose Tinta Color 2023?
Keune's Tinta Color 2023 range is not only better for the environment but also delivers outstanding results for your clients. With its sustainable approach and enhanced formulas, it ensures hair looks and feels healthy, vibrant, and deeply nourished.

Clients who switch to Tinta Color experience a remarkable difference in color longevity and hair health. Whether it's achieving a bold new look or maintaining a classic style, Tinta Color offers the perfect solution.

Join the Movement
By choosing Tinta Color 2023, you're supporting a brand dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet. Keune Haircosmetics continues to lead the way in sustainable beauty, making it easier for you to make eco-conscious choices without compromising on quality.

Experience the difference with the new Tinta Color by Keune Haircosmetics where beauty meets sustainability in the most vibrant way possible.

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