KEUNE Unifies and Redesign there Developer Bottles

KEUNE's new hair oxygen bottles

For years, KEUNE, the esteemed brand known for its innovation in professional hair care, has offered distinct oxygen bottles for its renowned "Tinta" and "So Pure" series. The Tinta range featured a sleek black bottle, while the So Pure line donned a distinctive green and white design.

However, an intriguing update emerged in mid-2023 that surprised many seasoned hairstylists and enthusiasts alike: KEUNE made a strategic move to standardize the oxygen bottle across both series. The development ushered in a uniform black Developer bottle, occasionally produced in white, with the inscription "TINTA color & SO PURE color."

What makes this unification particularly noteworthy is the shared material composition found within both series' bottles. The consistent internal components used in Tinta and So Pure Developer solutions prompted KEUNE to merge the packaging, aligning the exterior appearance while retaining the product's integrity and performance.

Moreover, it's essential to highlight that the oxygen found in the So Pure series has always been ammonia-free. This commitment to ammonia-free formulations remains consistent in the new unified bottles, ensuring that both the Tinta and So Pure series continue to offer ammonia-free oxygen solutions for hair coloring.

The shift has been subtle yet significant. For those accustomed to working with KEUNE colors in both the So Pure and Tinta lines, the outcome remains unchanged despite the bottle alteration. The unification ensures that hairstylists and color enthusiasts experience the same exceptional results they've come to expect from KEUNE products, now housed in a standardized, professional-looking bottle.

The decision to streamline the Developer bottles not only showcases KEUNE's commitment to efficiency and consistency but also simplifies the selection process for users. The unification eliminates confusion, making it easier for customers to identify the Developer bottle irrespective of the series.

By unifying the Developer packaging, KEUNE has prioritized user convenience and maintained its dedication to delivering premium quality hair coloring solutions. This strategic move demonstrates KEUNE's agility in responding to consumer needs while upholding the brand's standards of excellence.

As the professional hair care industry evolves, KEUNE continues to innovate and adapt, striving to provide hairstylists and customers worldwide with the best possible experience.

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