• Discover the Revolutionary Tinta Color by Keune

    Discover the Revolutionary Tinta Color by Keune
    We are thrilled to introduce the reimagined Tinta Color by Keune Haircosmetics—a breakthrough in hair coloring that aligns beauty with sustainability. This revamped color line not only offers stunning results but also embodies Keune's commitment to environmental responsibility.Keune's Sustainable VisionKeune Haircosmetics has set ambitious sustainability goals, aiming to achieve 100% recyclable, reusable, and refillable packaging by 2028. Their latest Tinta Color range is a testament to these values, incorporating several eco-friendly innovations:Eco-friendly Packaging: The new Tinta Color tubes are crafted from 100% recycled aluminum, reducing the use of virgin aluminum by 82 tons annually.Sustainable Tube Caps:...
  • KEUNE Unifies and Redesign there Developer Bottles

    KEUNE Unifies and Redesign there Developer Bottles
    For years, KEUNE, the esteemed brand known for its innovation in professional hair care, has offered distinct oxygen bottles for its renowned "Tinta" and "So Pure" series. The Tinta range featured a sleek black bottle, while the So Pure line donned a distinctive green and white design.However, an intriguing update emerged in mid-2023 that surprised many seasoned hairstylists and enthusiasts alike: KEUNE made a strategic move to standardize the oxygen bottle across both series. The development ushered in a uniform black Developer bottle, occasionally produced in white, with the inscription "TINTA color & SO PURE color."What...
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